People on social media want to know what’s going on around them; they want to see and experience “what’s new” and “what’s trending.” When it comes to Digital Marketing for medical practices, using current events as part of your social media strategy can greatly increase engagement with your online fanbase! 

Why are current events important to your practice? They give you an opportunity to harness the excitement over “what’s new” and “what’s trending,” and use that excitement to shine a spotlight on your practice. When well-utilized, the power of current events can explode your online presence, while you create meaningful and exciting connections with online users that can result in more patients for your practice.


Here are some smart guidelines to follow:

  1. *Know How to Pick the Right Event

Get in the habit of checking the front pages of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for popular (or “trending”) topics and events under discussion. If you find a trending topic or event that unites people around a good cause or that’s of a cheerful and fun nature, get your practice in on the discussion! Typical trending topics can include holidays, movie releases, social media “challenges,” big athletic events like the Olympics and the Super Bowl, or even crazy dances. *NOTE, always avoid topics that could even maybe be construed as controversial. Most religious holidays might be inappropriate for social media as well, being that you don’t want to appear exploitative and insensitive. Remember to be clever in all the right ways.


2. Remember That Trends Can Quickly Go Away

The nature of the Internet dictates that the moment a trend hits the mainstream, it only has a certain amount of time in the spotlight. In other words, think and act quickly. For instance, during “No Shave November” / “Movember” (an annual trend where men go without shaving their facial hair to raise awareness for men’s health issues), you’re going to want to get in on the online craze at the start of November, and post on this trend throughout the month. Keep up with current events on Facebook and Twitter, and follow pop. culture-oriented news sources like Buzzfeed and Mashable. Remember that acting on a trend too late defeats the purpose of taking part in a trend in the first place – you want to tap into a recent surge of online excitement, and use it to shine a spotlight on your practice. If there’s no longer excitement, your practice can’t benefit from it!


3. Create Posts in Advance

For annual events and other special dates that you’ll have time to prepare for (major holidays, the Super Bowl, big movie releases, etc.), take some time to brainstorm a clever way to relate that event to dentistry or oral health. Select some photos and text, and create the social media posts that you’ll use when the time comes. This way, you’re ready and prepped weeks ahead of all the online excitement!


Grow Your Practice with Current Events

Taking part in online trends is one of the most direct ways of growing your online presence; this strategy maximizes the engagement and interaction you’ll receive from your content, and is sheer gold for growing your online admiration and following.

Perfecting participation in online trends is something that takes time, which is something that many dental professionals don’t have. If you’d like to learn how RiseMD can stay on top of online trends and fully develop your practice’s online presence for you, get in touch with us at #RiseAboveTheRest