Top Reasons Why Every Dentist Should Use Google Adwords- Dentist marketing

In today’s digital age, dental practitioners have a plethora of options when it comes to attracting new patients to their dental practice; you can improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization to appear at the top of Google searches, boost your social media presence, or push for more online reviews. And direct mail is proven to drive higher results than any other type of marketing for dentists – but not all direct mail is the same In truth, all of the above solutions do work and Rise MD advice all dentists to take advantage of them. However, of all the online marketing options available to dental practitioners today, one solution stands high above the rest – Google Adwords. Dentist marketing solutions that are proven to flood your practice with a steady stream of new patients every month Here are Rise MD’s top  reasons for why an effective Google Adwords campaign can help any dentist stand front-and-center amongst local competition:

Market to all of Google

There are people looking for your Dentist marketing services right now; in fact, over 75% of consumers find healthcare providers online. Google Adwords (or “pay-per-click” advertising) is a platform that allows business owners and/or marketers to pay for clicks on their website, therefore streamlining traffic directly to their business’s site. Anytime someone searches for “dentists in City X,” Google Adwords allows your website to appear right at the top of searches
when your campaign is run by the right experts.

Get the Exact Patients You Want

Why cast a wide, undefined net overall potential patients when can you direct the reach the ones you really want? Google Adwords allows you to market directly to new implant patients, veneer patients, denture patients, or any other type of patient by only marketing to online users when they search for your services; streamline the exact type of the patient you want with Google Adwords!

The Best Part? You Don’t Need to do it Yourself

In fact, managing your own Google Adwords campaigns may be a hindrance to your productivity given the non-stop schedule of dentists; top\ digital agencies like Rise MD can set up, manage, and optimize your Adwords campaigns to allow your practice to stand front-and-center amongst other local offices Dentist marketing is a very competitive business.

Improve Your Dentist marketing Today with Rise MD

Rise MD believes in the power of Google Adwords simply because we’ve spent so long obsessing and perfecting our techniques within the platform; we’ve been able to maximize new patient intake and return-on-marketing investment like dental professionals have never seen before. In fact, we were able to bring Sterling Dental DDS in Sterling Heights, MI (one of the most competitive rental markets in the Midwest) 12 new patients in the first 2 weeks of services. The next month, we doubled that figure, and we’re now consistently bringing them around 40 new patients month-after-month. Gain results like these from digital experts truly passionate about Dentist marketing by visiting, and explore all of our leading  Marketing services For Dentists. Get ready for #RiseAbove with Rise MD!