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NexHealth just raised a $125M Series C, valuing the company at $1 billion!

NexHealth, the premier patient experience platform for patients, doctors, and developers, today announced it has closed $125 million in a Series C financing round led by Buckley Ventures, with additional participation from  Lachy Groom, Jack Altman,  Scott Belsky, Shreyas Doshi,  Eric Glyman, Shahed Khan, Packy McCormick, and Rahul Vohra.  This latest capital brings the company to […]

Growth Accelerators: Your Extended Guide to Modern Plastic Surgery Marketing

Plastic surgery marketing refers to strategies and practices which help to attract new patients. Effective marketing and advertising plan can increase awareness around plastic surgery treatments. Since traditional practices in cosmetic surgery marketing have involved and now it is completely online 100% based on internet marketing. Today plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is popular among […]

Totally New Approach To Grow Your Cosmetic Surgery Marketing

Attracting patients is one of best ways to take business/brand to next-level. Serving a go-to business and Cosmetic Surgery Marketing requires consistency. Currently, in changing times, it is essential to put your best strategy. Whether you are dermatologist, surgeon, or cosmetic surgeon, to run beauty and biz industry it is essential to have variety of […]

Social Media Marketing Tactics That Every Dermatologist Need To Know

Modern-day living is becoming easier and simpler. While plethora of options out there, choosing effective product/service only requires a few clicks. In other words, there are huge opportunities for everyone. Currently, for storing business/brand story images, audio, and documents, millions of individuals are selecting cloud resources. Since moving out is still under restriction to buy […]

Plastic Surgeon Marketing Grow Your Practice Now

“Cosmetic surgery and plastic surgeon have become two most in-demand surgical procedures. Thousands of people around the world select either one of two to upgrade their physical characteristics. On other hand, competition among practitioners has increased to the next level. The traditional marketing practices are falling short in front of modern world demands. Today, to […]

Top Reasons Why Every Dentist Should Use Google Adwords- Dentist marketing

In today’s digital age, dental practitioners have a plethora of options when it comes to attracting new patients to their dental practice; you can improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization to appear at the top of Google searches, boost your social media presence, or push for more online reviews. And direct mail is proven to […]

6 Keys of Effective Podiatry Marketing

As the world of medicine is becoming more digitized day-by-day, patients and medical professionals alike are saving time and energy by turning to online resources. Patients in today’s realm of healthcare expect to be able to research symptoms, find the best podiatrists in their area, compare practices and schedule an appointment, all from the palm of […]