In today’s digital age, dental practitioners have a plethora of options when it comes to attracting new patients to their dental practice; you can improve your website’s Search Engine Optimization to appear at the top of Google searches, boost your social media presence, or push for more online reviews. And direct mail is proven to drive higher results than any other type of marketing for dentists – but not all direct mail is the same In truth, all of the above solutions do work and Rise MD advice all dentists to take advantage of them. However, of all the online marketing options available to dental practitioners today, one solution stands high above the rest – Google Adwords. Dentist marketing solutions that are proven to flood your practice with a steady stream of new patients every month Here are Rise MD’s top  reasons for why an effective Google Adwords campaign can help any dentist stand front-and-center amongst local competition:

Market to all of Google

There are people looking for your Dentist marketing services right now; in fact, over 75% of consumers find healthcare providers online. Google Adwords (or “pay-per-click” advertising) is a platform that allows business owners and/or marketers to pay for clicks on their website, therefore streamlining traffic directly to their business’s site. Anytime someone searches for “dentists in City X,” Google Adwords allows your website to appear right at the top of searches
when your campaign is run by the right experts.

Get the Exact Patients You Want

Why cast a wide, undefined net overall potential patients when can you direct the reach the ones you really want? Google Adwords allows you to market directly to new implant patients, veneer patients, denture patients, or any other type of patient by only marketing to online users when they search for your services; streamline the exact type of the patient you want with Google Adwords!

The Best Part? You Don’t Need to do it Yourself

In fact, managing your own Google Adwords campaigns may be a hindrance to your productivity given the non-stop schedule of dentists; top\ digital agencies like Rise MD can set up, manage, and optimize your Adwords campaigns to allow your practice to stand front-and-center amongst other local offices Dentist marketing is a very competitive business.

Improve Your Dentist marketing Today with Rise MD

Rise MD believes in the power of Google Adwords simply because we’ve spent so long obsessing and perfecting our techniques within the platform; we’ve been able to maximize new patient intake and return-on-marketing investment like dental professionals have never seen before. In fact, we were able to bring Sterling Dental DDS in Sterling Heights, MI (one of the most competitive rental markets in the Midwest) 12 new patients in the first 2 weeks of services. The next month, we doubled that figure, and we’re now consistently bringing them around 40 new patients month-after-month. Gain results like these from digital experts truly passionate about Dentist marketing by visiting, and explore all of our leading  Marketing services For Dentists. Get ready for #RiseAbove with Rise MD!

As the world of medicine is becoming more digitized day-by-day, patients and medical professionals alike are saving time and energy by turning to online resources. Patients in today’s realm of healthcare expect to be able to research symptoms, find the best podiatrists in their area, compare practices and schedule an appointment, all from the palm of their hand or a few clicks of a mouse. Therefore, it’s no surprise that top podiatrists all across the United States are turning to Podiatry Marketing to get found online and grow their practice.

If you practice podiatry, you’re used to treating, diagnosing, preventing, and managing medical conditions and injuries of the foot, ankle and lower limb. Most of your patients probably suffer from conditions such as:
Chronic Conditions: High-risked Foot (due to diabetes) and Arthritis
• Bio mechanical Conditions: Orthodontics, Sports podiatry, faulty child development of foot or limbs and clubfoot.
Injuries and pains: Sprains, stress fractures, Persistent heel pain, Tendonitis, Bunions and Hammertoes
Toenails: Ingrown toenails, Thickened toenails, Trauma and Infections
Skin diseases: Blisters, Corns and calluses, Warts, Tinea, Cracked heels, Chilblains or other fungal infections.

Why Professionals are Turning to Podiatry Marketing
At Rise MD, we know that marketing in and of itself is a comprehensive tool which demands time and resources to be effective. It is important to stop making huge investments in one media outlet instead of investing in comprehensive marketing that covers a large range of digital media platforms. This way, your practice is able to distinguish itself from a sea of competitors, and appear front-and-center everywhere online!

To effectively market your podiatry practice, only focussing on the key resources and methods that have been proven to work incredibly well for podiatrists will be central to your success. The 6 methods and resources that are continuously most effective are:

  1. Exceptional Website Design: Make an effective website as it attracts more and more patients.
  2. Search Engine Optimization: SEO based content helps maintain a healthy website, improve website performance and increase your website online presence within local regions.
  3. Medical Writing Services: Hire Healthcare content developers who are experienced in the healthcare industry. The writers will provide you easy to understand and reasonable blogs for both patients and doctors.
  4. Email Marketing Services: It is an effective method of communication; it helps to reinforce your brand, Establish credibility, Reach new patients, Send patient reminders.
  5. Physician Liaison Services– This service can increase the patient volume as it involves a professional representative who is fit to create one-to-one network opportunities with local referring providers present in the community. This process not only increases monthly referrals but also maintain a strong relationship with the existing referral providers.
  6. Social Media Marketing: It is the most economical way to support the marketing process. Social Media marketing is cost-effective as it allows targeting patient through a low-cost paid post, strengthening a patient-centered relationship and provides a competitive edge as it helps doctors to create a reputation.

Beginning the journey of marketing your medical practice (whether it be podiatry or any other medical field), all starts with deciding to grow. At Rise MD, we take a long-term, relationship-based approach to Medical Marketing. We only focus on the digital services guaranteed to grow your practice such as the above services, along with others such as Medical Mobile Design, Medical Content Curation, and Google Adwords/PPC campaigns curated and managed by Google Certified Partners.

Visit to explore all of our industry-leading Medical Digital Marketing services, and get ready to #RiseAbove with Rise MD!

Rise MD’s Digital Marketing for Audiology marketing gains audiologists new patients for one simple reason – we understand the psychology and behaviour that drives audiology patients and practitioners. In the decade we’ve spent researching the methods that attract and maintain streams of new patients, we’ve developed the specific online ads, web content and online reputation that turns online consumers into new audiology patients.

One might think that marketing for audiology is becoming an easier and easier task, given the current age of the Baby Boomer population. In addition, there are many technological advancements being made in hearing aid technology, so one could image there to be a rising demand for these products. However, as many audiology professionals are learning, marketing an audiology practice is anything but easy, and getting new patients through your door can be extremely challenging; it takes seven years on average for someone with hearing loss to schedule an audiology appointment (American Academy of Audiology). You could argue this might be due to plain stubbornness, but many experts think many people simply don’t want to admit that they have hearing loss.

In response to the above needs of audiologists (in both the private and corporate practice) with the desire to expand their practice via digital marketing and marketing in an audiology practice, Rise MD has put together the follow list of digital marketing areas your audiology practice must hit if you want to see considerable growth:

1. Cost-effective Medical Google Adwords/PPC campaigns, run by a professional with considerable experience

2. Search Engine Optimized (SEO) via blogs and your website

3. Review and Referral Management to keep existing patients coming back, and to let future patients know how
exceptional your practice is

4. An engaging Social Media presence

5. Mobile marketing

6. Medical Video Marketing

7. A proper website that’s exceptionally well developed and fully-optimized for search engines

Audiology marketing ideas is an ongoing endeavor that needs to be continuously evaluated; the good news is that once you’ve found a holistic digital marketing strategy that works (coupled with a digital agency that’s been honing their craft for years), scaling your practice and taking on more patients becomes effortless from a practitioner’s perspective. You set the goal, and then we get to work!

Rise MD continues to lead the medical marketing industry in:

– Audiology Marketing

– Dental and Orthodontic Marketing

– Plastic Surgery Marketing

– Podiatry Marketing

We believe in taking a unique approach to growing medical practices by only focussing on the services guaranteed to grow your practice. We specialize and lead the medical marketing industry in Web Design and Copywriting, Google Adwords Management (with multiple Google-Certified Partners on our team), Review and Referral Management, and Search Engine Optimization. Rise MD is truly your ‘one-stop-shop’ for medical marketing, and we believe in taking a long-term, relationship-based approach to everything we do. Visit to learn about all of our medical digital marketing services, and get ready to #RiseAbove with Rise MD!

Medical marketing services are quickly becoming the most well-proven method to growing any medical practice; in a 2012 Google study, it was found that 88% of online users look to search engines to find healthcare providers, which explains why so many medical practitioners are quickly realizing the benefits of getting found online quickly, and turning those online users into new patients. RiseMD offers the medical marketing services that healthcare providers need and want in order to take their practice to the next level, including leading Web Designing and Development services, Review and Reputation Management, Search Engine Optimization, and Google Adwords/PPC management that puts your practice in front of the right online users at the right time. Whether you’re looking for Dermatology Marketing, Audiology Marketing, Dental Marketing or Podiatry Marketing, RiseMD can offer the online strategy you’ve been searching for that will allow your practice to soar above local competition.


RiseMD offers medical marketing for a variety of practice types:

  • Dermatology Marketing
  • Podiatry Marketing
  • Audiology Marketing
  • Dental Marketing
  • Orthodontic Marketing


The Difference A Dermatology Marketing Strategy Can Make 

When it comes to the field of dermatology, your dermatology marketing strategy is everything; a smart digital marketing strategy, whether large or small in scale, helps to build your patient portfolio, increases awareness of your practice in the marketplace, and greatly increases your ROI from marketing and advertisement expenditures. The facts are in, and traditional advertising methods such as word-of-mouth, radio, billboards, newspaper slots and mailer agencies simply don’t deliver a large enough ROI to be practical in the longterm growth of your practice. In all honesty, these methods are prehistoric when compared to the advantages of medical digital marketing.

What the Industry Would Look Like if Podiatry Marketing Didn’t Exist

Marketing a podiatry practice can be as simple or complex as you want it to be; but when only focussing on the true heart of medical marketing in the modern realm (PPC advertising, website optimization, review and referral management, and online reputation management), gaining the online visibility and patient base you need to grow becomes effortless.

If podiatrists don’t market their services online, podiatry practitioners:

  • are unable to refine their marketing strategies, remaining unaware of what works and what doesn’t. Without an online marketing strategy put together by individuals with online marketing intelligence and know-how, honing in on an effective, holistic marketing strategy becomes impossible.
  • are unable to scale their practice. Think about it – if you wanted to start growing your practice today, where would you start? Do you hire more doctors and other staff? Do you look into purchasing another location? When you rely on a digital marketing strategy to grow your practice, obtaining a larger patient base is as simple as increasing the amount you spend on advertising. And, when you rely on a digital marketing strategy that’s managed by the right agency, you can have full peace of mind knowing that every dollar spent will offer a hearty return on your investment.


Audiology marketing
There are a few realities to marketing an audiology practice that audiology practitioners should keep in mind when looking to grow their practice:

  • Social media engagement is only one part of an effective, holistic audiology marketing strategy.
  • Public relations activities are a central aspect of medical marketing. Open houses, health fairs, civic group presentations, Better Hearing and Speech Month programs, and lunch-and-learn seminars are public relations events that heighten the visibility of your practice.
  • If an audiologist wishes to up their audiology marketing strategy, the heart of your strategy should be focussed on achieving a healthy return on the investment your making into advertising your practice; the most widely used methods of audiology marketing have always been newspaper, TV, radio and social media ads. While these methods were sure-fire ways of growing a medical practice ten or twenty years ago, consumers have shifted their gaze to the digital world, and your practice needs to be there waiting for them, standing front-and-center amongst your local competition.

Creating Your Audiology Marketing Engine
At RiseMD, we’ve combined all of our digital knowledge and skills to offer proven medical web development, audiology SEO and digital marketing business development functions to the hearing healthcare market. We drive the online reputation and presence, and thus to overall revenue streams, of audiology practices by utilizing:

  • Our intimate healthcare industry knowledge for all medical industries
  • A thorough understanding of patient searches & keyword research
  • Our experience with large-scale, expensive website designs and builds
  • Our long-term SEO results & blogging experience.

The Steps to Better Digital Marketing

Establishing and managing a smart and effective digital marketing strategy can seem like a large feat to overcome; however, getting started isn’t as difficult as many medical practitioners may think! Simply take some time (which as a medical practitioner can be hard to find) and ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s your Customer Profile – Who do you want to target?
  • What are your goals – How many new patients would you like to acquire?
  • Test your current marketing strategies – What’s working and what isn’t?
  • How involved is my practice in my community?
  • Do I have a large online and in-person portfolio of testimonials and reviews?

Whether you’ve been trying to find the right digital marketing strategy for years or are just now getting started, RiseMD has to experience and know-how to get your practice from point A to point B, from point B to point C, and then take you above and beyond all of your practice goals. Visit to learn about all of our industry-leading medical digital marketing services, and get ready to #RiseAbove, with RiseMD!

Let’s face it: as a dental practitioner, you’re always busy and on the move. Between finding new patients and catering to your established client base, finding time to effectively market your practice may become an afterthought. However, when you leverage Dental marketing solutions that are proven to flood your practice with a steady stream of new patients every month (performed by the best team around), growth that you never even thought was possible can come knocking at your practice’s door.

Grow and change your dermatology practice with RiseMD’s expert strategies designed around your unique goals for dermatology marketing

Most dermatologists are already quite busy and are looking to change their mix of cases rather than simply to increase new-patient numbers. Some desire to attract more cash-pay aesthetic patients or to cultivate a niche practice With deep strategic and creative experience and expertise, Rise Md helped hundreds of dermatology practices achieve a variety of specific marketing and advertising goals In the World and stand out from the abundant competition in the marketplace.

How to Attract the Dermatology Patients you Want 

In our experience, many dermatology practices are not aware that they have the power to influence their patient mix, such as increasing the percentage of aesthetic cases they see. Dermatology marketing and advertising, when done strategically and scientifically, can very effectively draw new patients to your practice and even keep them around for additional services.

Grow your dermatology practice with RiseMD and improve your practice’s bottom line.

Following a proven scientific approach and leveraging the experience of working with thousands of practices With Rise MD.  We craft and implement a compelling, effective dermatology advertising and marketing campaign that achieves your unique goals.

RiseMD provides dermatology marketing and advertising that meet and exceed your goals.

Our Standards:

Dermatology is, in many marketplaces, a very competitive business. The nature of this competition is as important as the various attributes of your practice. At the same time, Dermatology patients have a diverse need and personal sensibilities and sensitivities. Our job is to help you reach the right patients the right way. This starts with cutting through the clutter, standing out from your competitors and giving them compelling reasons to choose your dermatology practice. Rise Md marketing strategists will consider all aspects of your practice, including location(s), size, character, approach, and many other individual factors and differentiation in order to develop a custom marketing plan that works. An effective dermatology marketing and advertising plan could include:

  • Dermatology Marketing website – optimized for search and to drive patient response.
  • New patients.
  • Online Reputation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Dental Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design And Brand entity
  • HIPAA Complaint Marketing & Auditing
  • Full-capabilities marketing brochure
  • Pay-per-click online advertising (such as Google AdWords)

Market your dermatology Marketing practice to referrers as well as patients.

Marketing and advertising goals

For healthcare success, RiseMD knows that delivering REAL results is what matters. RiseMD helps you market to your audiences effectively, professionally and truthfully, while building priceless relationships with your current and prospective patients. 

Want to learn more about how RiseMD can grow your practice? Get in touch with us at, and get ready to Rise Above The Rest with RiseMD!

The Basics of Plastic Surgery Marketing

In 2012, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons conducted a study that revealed there were over 17.6 million cosmetic operations performed in the United States that year, which was a 5% increase from the previous year.