The most crucial part of an effective digital marketing for medical strategy is the most crucial part of anything else — getting started. Here are simple things you can do today that can get new patients through your door.

Dental professionals are so busy that it’s a miracle they even have time to stop and take a breather.  With so much to do, it’s easy to delay things that might get seen as insignificant next to patient care, such as posting to social media and blogging. Although the foundation of a great practice is built on clinical expertise and effective management, a practice thrives on smart online marketing for medical techniques and a rock-solid online presence.  Getting started with your practice’s digital marketing campaign might be easier than you think; the basics only take up about 3 hours of your time per week, and form a beneficial foundation on which your practice can thrive online:

Post a Team Photo on Social Media Marketing for Medical

Have you set up social media accounts for your practice, but just don’t know what to post? Sharing a team photo is a fast, easy way to put content out there that will connect with users and help build your brand. Snap a shot with your phone and tell fans why you love working with the people in your practice! Then, when fans interact and engage with your social media content with likes, comments or shares, it expands the reach and overall effectiveness of your posts.

Ask Patients for Google Reviews

Google reviews are not only highly trusted among consumers, but getting them may be the single most vital thing you can do inside your practice to boost your search engine rankings. In addition, Google Maps factors the number and quality of reviews into search results, helping your practice stand out among local competitors.
See our blog post on the importance of having a reviews strategy!

Verify your Facebook Page and Google Listing

Boost your credibility with potential new patients by verifying your practice’s Facebook page, social media accounts, and search engine business accounts. It only takes a matter of minutes!

Complete your Practice’s Online Profiles

The more practical information you have available on your online profiles, the easier it is for potential new patients to learn more about your practice and contact you. Go through the About pages of your website, blog, Facebook page and Yelp profile, along with any other accounts. Add your address, business hours, phone number and any other information you can, and add team photos wherever you can, which will build rapport and trust with potential new patients before they ever even contact you.

Practice Makes Perfect

Digital marketing is most certainly a skill, and as with all skills, it becomes easier the more you practice it. Sit down, craft a digital marketing plan, and then stick to it. After accomplishing these initial goals, raise the bar and set new goals with your team regarding social media, reviews, and patient referrals. If you’d like RiseMD to perform an audit of your current digital marketing strategy, as well as learn how to improve it using the most testing, most effective and cutting-edge methods, get in touch with us at www.risemd.com. #RiseAboveTheRest